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Ep. 81 with Andrea Baresi

Ep. 80 with Mauro Porcini

Ep. 79 with Colin Chee and Joel Beath

Ep. 78 with Steven Rubio

Ep. 77 with Matteo Gentile

Ep. 76 with with Jake Rubin and Erin Pellegrino

Ep. 75 with David Drazil

Ep. 74 with Tijana Žišić

Ep. 73 with Carlos Pecino

Ep. 72 with Scott Henderson

Ep. 71 with James Martin

Ep. 70 with Rositsa Bratkova

Ep. 69 about Jocko Willink's Leadership Strategies

Ep. 68 with Rishabh Wadhwa

Ep. 67 with Andrea D'Antrassi

Ep. 66 with Saili Sawantt

Ep. 65 with Maria Touloupou

Ep. 64 with Giulia De Mauro

Ep. 63 with Lucia Frascerra

Ep. 62 with Chantal Matar

Ep. 61 with Jace Hudson

Ep. 60 with Ted Schauman and Jonas Nordgren

Ep. 59 with Viktoria Millentrup

Ep. 58 with Cristofaro di Puorto

Ep. 57 with Matt Alvarez and Drew Teague

Ep. 56 with Milda Liubinskaite

Ep. 55 with András Káldos

Ep. 54 with Max Medina

Ep. 53 with Arturo Tedeschi

Ep. 52 with Amey Kandalgaonkar