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Ep. 111 with Danila Lampis

Ep. 110 with Nadia Monte

Ep. 109 with Alex Hogrefe

Ep. 108 with Cosimo Scotucci

Ep. 107 with Ivaylo Chichanov

BIM expert at BIG NYC Neha Sadruddin

Ep. 106 with Neha Sadruddin

Ep. 105 with Iassen Markov

One man Architect Klemens Sitzman

Ep. 104 with Klemens Sitzmann

Monetizing your design skills with Mark Ralev

Ep. 103 with Mark Ralev

Composition in Archiviz with Simon Oudiette

Ep. 102 with Simon Oudiette

BIM strategy with Riccardo Piazzai

Ep. 101 with Riccardo Piazzai

Two years TCI Podcast

Ep. 100 live podcast stream

Getting hired as an architect with Stephen Drew

Ep. 99 with Stephen Drew

Ep. 98 Being an architect in Germany with Georgi Lechtarski

Ep. 98 with Georgi Lechtarski

Ep. 97 with Alex Mileva

Ep. 97 with Alex Mileva

Ep. 96 with Marvin Bratke

Ep. 95 with Zvonko Vugreshek

Ep. 94 with Michel Rojkind

Ep. 93 with Miroslav Naskov

Ep. 92 with Dušan Cvetković

Ep. 91 with Fabio Palvelli

Ep. 90 with Mariana Cabugueira

Ep. 89 with Olly Thomas

Ep. 88 with Marco Montemagno

Ep. 87 with Hamid Hassanzadeh

Ep. 86 with Metin van Zijl

Ep. 85 with Sofia Malmsten and Erik Forsberg

Ep. 84 with Jéronimo Van Schendel

Exclusive with Federico Biancullo

Ep. 83 with Debbie Millman