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The Creative Insider is the sweet spot between practical tips and inspiration sources, shared by creative pros on their own personal professional journeys.

We founded The Creative Insider as a way to help creatives in all industries find their own path to creative fulfillment by helping avoid the mistakes we’ve made ourselves. 

Becoming a professional creative is a long, arduous and at times overwhelming learning process. Even after your studies, following a clear path for your creative craft can seem difficult. Everything taught in academies and universities, the information found in books and in the mainstream media is focused on the “what” but not the “why”, the “how” and the “who”.

This platform is a place of sharing, learning, curiosity and building a network. The podcast helps us discover other creatives’ journeys: how they got started, what they went through to get where they are today and what their current creative process and workflow look like.

We want to help you create your personal tool set for your journey in becoming a professional creative.

Who we are

Georgi Lechtarski

Georgi Lechtarski

Georgi is the voice of The Creative Insider Podcast and social content creator of our duo. His passion started with his accidental discovery of The Joe Rogan Experience and various other podcasts.

When the Covid-pandemic hit Germany in spring 2020, he decided to use the time to start his own podcast. It began with the purchase of a microphone and has led to a pro-like studio at home, occupying one of the larger rooms in the apartment (obviously).

Georgi is an architectural designer with a Master’s degree from the University La Sapienza in Rome. A true European, he was born in Bulgaria and moved to Nettuno, 60 km south of Rome, Italy at the age of eight.

Thanks to the European Erasmus Exchange Program in 2015, he was able to move to Frankfurt, Germany, where he currently lives and works for international and German architecture studios.

Désirée Bambynek

Désirée is the business and brand side of things, as well as the digital creator behind our website and newsletter. She’s been with the podcast behind the scenes since the beginning, reading through podcast scripts for the first episodes in grassy parks when things got started in spring 2020.

Désirée is a strategist and brand consultant with extensive experience working with the world’s top brands and leading communications agencies. Born in California, she grew up moving around between the USA and France, before coming to Germany, where she pursued her career in branding, communications and business.

After returning to the US for a year in 2014, she settled in Frankfurt, where she founded déstudio, blending consulting and coaching to help founders, freelancers and business leaders build compelling brands and effective communications. She is a true multi-hyphenate, exploring and pursuing a wide-range of fields, from media, writing and photography.

Désirée Bambynek

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